About TechLA

The goal of TechLA is to support, enhance, and expand the entrepreneurial and innovative communities in the Greater Los Angeles area by affording local students the opportunity to have internships, to participate in community events, and to establish connections that will collectively lead to making the area the locale for launching, and sustaining their careers. All technical, creative and business minded students from USC, UCLA, Arts Center and CalTech are invited to participate.

TechLA is a community-wide volunteer effort. Organizers include the region’s leading venture capital funds, incubators and accelerators, executive search firms and your university. The platform, TechLA.Internships.com, is powered by Internships.com, based in Los Angeles.

Interns are encouraged to build their professional network throughout the community by participating in networking and educational events. There are typically several each week and many of the events are either free or inexpensive. Check out the calendar links below to see some of what is coming up.


TechLA Fall 2014 Schedule

August 15th -
Employers can sign up and post their summer internships.

September 3rd-
Platform opens. Students can sign up, build their resumes, and start applying to internships.

October to November -
Internships begin. Start date decided between employer and student.

December to January -
Internships end. Last day decided between employer and student.


Are the internships paid?
Yes, all internships are paid opportunities.

How do I get an internship?
Build your resume, take the personality assessment, and apply to your preferred internships once the platform opens and internships are published (see schedule). Employers are able to contact their preferred candidates through the platform and set up an interview. As soon as this happens you will receive an email notifying you that an employer would like to interview you.

When does the program start / finish?
The full schedule for the current cycle is outlined at the top of this page. Employers and students are encouraged to register as soon as possible. Students should prepare their resume and employers submit their internships before the date the platform opens. Once internships are published students and companies will start connecting. Internship should begin as soon as possible after they have been awarded but no later than the final date on the schedule. The longer the internship, the more likely a student will build valuable skills and relationships and create value for the company.

How much time will the internship require?
Most internship opportunities are full time though there may be part time internships available as well. Scheduling is between you and the internship manager at the company you select.

What kinds of internships will there be?
Business, technical and creative internships will all be available. The common theme is that all opportunities will have a specified project you are expected to perform with defined deliverables and a designated internship manager responsible for your experience.

What is the process for employers to hire an intern?
Employers can post internships on TechLA for free. Register and submit your internships before the platform opens (see schedule above). As soon as the platform opens students will start to view your internships and indicate their interest. You will start to receive notifications of students that are good matches for your internship a week after the platform opens. You are able to review a students resume and contact preferred candidates for interview from inside the platform. Once you have agreed to hire an intern please close your internship and complete the hire notification form.